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The Egg of the Universe Eveleigh

7PM - 9PM

Experience the freedom of freestyle dance with hi fidelity sound, wordclass and emerging djs, beautiful community and intentionally clean energy... That's pretty much it!


Ecstatic Dance is an international phenomenon of epic tunes and good crew coming together to go deep and get their groove on. No words, no booze, no nonsense... Just amazing music and deep freestyle dance.

 Imagine stepping into a sweet space filled with chill vibes and good energy, a place where you can let go of all your worries and just dance like nobody's watching. Ecstatic dance is a transformative experience that will give you a chance to connect with your body in ways you've never imagined, to feel the music move through every fiber of your being.

It's a judgment-free zone, my friend, so you can dance however you feel without fear or inhibition, just radical release and unrestricted mojo explorations!

The Egg Of The Universe is a worldclass yoga and wellness facility in Eveleigh, just next to Redfern

Parking is available on street, free after 6pm

Tickets are $30 presale online right here!

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